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About Us

Azooz, the very first app that delivers to premium clients superior quality products at the convenience of their homes. The desire to eat fresh and healthy has driven Azooz to offer the farm- to- doorstep delivery service in Muscat. Our mission is to bring you and your family healthy, natural produce from our farmer’s community directly delivering to your doorsteps. We pride ourselves on our quality and our motivated team ensures reliable services and will always go above and beyond to make customer experience best possible.


Azooz’s easy online order app is the fastest way to get guaranteed fresh farm vegetables, poultry, sweets, flowers and much more delivered at your doorsteps. 


SCHEDULING DELIVERY: Schedule delivery as per your convenience.


PAYMENT OPTION: Secure and flexible payment of COD



QUALITY: Quality produced sourced from verified farms, stored and handled in safe, clean and right conditions.


REACH: Azooz delivers the fresh farm produce all around Muscat.


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